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The Best Cannabis Strains for Anxiety

In modern healthcare, the ancient wisdom behind plant-based remedies has gained some traction in mental wellness strategies. Some of the best cannabis strains for anxiety have emerged as a beacon of hope for those battling this crippling mental health issue.

With a growing body of evidence suggesting its efficacy, specific cannabis strains, and products are stepping into the limelight for their potential therapeutic effects. This article will examine how cannabis could potentially be an ally in managing mental health.


Headache, tired and stress teacher in school with fast children thinking of work stress, education .
Anxiety affects over 300 million people worldwide.

The Burden of Anxiety

Anxiety is among the most prevalent mental health disorders worldwide, affecting around 300 million people worldwide.

Traditional treatments for anxiety disorders often involve some combination of pharmaceuticals and psychotherapy. However, these methods have drawbacks, ranging from uncomfortable side effects to limited efficacy for some individuals. For some, alternative treatments are not just a matter of preference but a necessity.

Cannabis and Mental Health

Cannabis contains many different compounds, with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) being the most well-known and abundant. THC is known as the cannabinoid responsible for its psychoactive properties, while CBD is noted for its non-psychoactive, therapeutic effects.

Scientific research, albeit still in its early stages, has begun to unravel the positive effects of cannabis on anxiety and depression. Recent studies have shown CBD, in particular, to be an effective means of reducing anxiety versus a placebo (Whiting et al.).

Both THC and CBD are reported by users to be helpful for their potential to influence mood and aid in the management of anxiety. Even so, individual experiences call for a personalized approach when considering cannabis for mental health.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Central to understanding cannabis’ potential impact on mental health is the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a complex cell-signaling system integral to maintaining emotional balance.

It is thought that the interaction between cannabinoids and the ECS can help regulate mood and stress responses. This possibility makes cannabis a good candidate for alleviating symptoms of anxiety.

What are the Best Cannabis Strains for Anxiety from Revolution?

Strains rich in CBD (cannabidiol) are often recommended for anxiety relief because of CBD’s non-psychoactive properties and its ability to reduce the sometimes anxiety-inducing effects of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Strains that have a balanced ratio of CBD to THC or those high in the terpene Myrcene, known for its sedative qualities, can also be beneficial.

Indica-dominant strains, or hybrids with a significant Indica lineage, are typically favored for their relaxing and calming effects, unlike with Sativa-dominant strains that might stimulate the mind too much if you’re prone to anxiety. But it’s important to consider your tolerance and reaction to different cannabinoids and terpenes. Personal chemistry plays a big role in the effectiveness of cannabis for anxiety relief.

Here are some of the best cannabis strains for anxiety from Revolution Cannabis and Tales and Travels, based on their cannabinoid profiles and user-reported effects:

A Peach Crescendo Nug on a white background.
Peach Crescendo could be a powerful ally in the fight against anxiety.

Peach Crescendo

Perfect for stress and anxiety relief, this strain is reported to induce a soothing body buzz while allowing you to effortlessly succumb to sedation and relaxation. This is why Peach Crescendo is reported as one of the best cannabis strains for anxiety.

Reported Effects
Euphoria, Sedation, Body Buzz, Stress Relief

Fruity, Floral, Piney, Sweet, Spicy

(Chem D x I-95) x (Mandarin Cookies x Peach Ringz)

Top Terpenes
Limonene, Beta-Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool, Alpha-Pinene

Bred by

Grown by
Revolution Cannabis

Shop Peach Crescendo

REV Cookie Dos Nug on a white background.
Cookie Dos is reported to have strong stress and anxiety-fighting effects.

Cookie Dos

Relaxing, pain, and anxiety-relieving effects come through in this hybrid varietal with a creamy & cakey flavor profile reminiscent of vanilla wafers.

Reported Effects
Relaxation, Mood Elevation, Stress Relief, Pain Relief

Sweet, Doughy, Vanilla

Cookies & Cream x Dosido F2 #15

Top Terpenes
Limonene, Linalool, Beta-Caryophyllene, Elemene, Alpha-Humulene

Bred and Grown by
Revolution Cannabis

Shop Cookie Dos

REV BlueberryClementine Nug on white
Blueberry Clementine wraps therapeutic benefits in a tasty flavor profile.

Blueberry Clementine

A well-balanced set of relaxing effects and mouthwatering flavors of blueberries and clementine shine through this genetic. This could make Blueberry Clementine a candidate for one of the best cannabis strains for anxiety.

Reported Effects
Pain Relief, Mood Elevation, Stress Relief, Cerebral Stimulation

Berry, Citrus, Sweet

Blueberry x Clementine

Top Terpenes
Beta-Myrcene, Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool, Alpha-Humulene

Bred and Grown by
Revolution Cannabis

Shop Blueberry Clementine

Legal and Medical Considerations

The legal landscape of cannabis is always in motion. Numerous states recognize cannabis for its medical value and even offer medical cannabis programs.

Do you live in Arkansas? Learn how to get a Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card

Do you live in Illinois? Learn more about Illinois medical cannabis.

Do you live in Missouri? Learn how to get a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card.

However, cannabis is still federally illegal and, at the time of this writing is a schedule I narcotic. This means the FDA does not officially recognize it as having any medical benefits of cannabis. If you are considering cannabis as a treatment for mental health it is extremely important to acquaint yourself with the legal statutes governing cannabis use in your area.

Furthermore, always consult with your doctor to navigate the intricacies of cannabis-based treatment. This is the best way to ensure a safe and legal approach to managing your symptoms of anxiety and depression.


A researcher is inspecting and analyzing cannabis plants that are being grown in a greenhouse.
Rescheduling of cannabis could open a lot of doors to medical research.

The Future of Cannabis for Anxiety

There is some hope on the horizon. Recently, calls for rescheduling cannabis have gotten much louder. If cannabis is moved to Schedule III, the medical community anticipates wider access to cannabis for medical research and a deeper understanding of how cannabis strains can be optimized for mental health treatments. The prospect of tailored cannabis-based therapies is on the horizon, which would bring new possibilities for personalized treatment.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis in the realm of mental health, particularly for anxiety and depression, holds promise. The best cannabis strains for anxiety and depression have the potential to revolutionize treatment paradigms, offering relief to those who struggle with traditional methods. With responsible use and continued research, cannabis may well become a cornerstone in the edifice of mental health management.


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