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A variety of limonene-rich fruits, herbs and plants on a wooden table.

Terpene Profile: Limonene

Limonene holds a special place in the hearts of cannabis connoisseurs and wellness seekers alike. From its zesty citrus fragrance to its spirited effects, limonene terpene effects and limonene-rich strains bring the essence of summer to the plant world.

In this article, we’ll explore the terpene limonene’s effects, its flavors and aromas, and its presence in particular strains. We’ll also uncover the ways it can brighten both mood and palate.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic chemical compounds found in some plants and animals and are the primary contributors to aromas and tastes. In cannabis, terpenes play a big role in creating the plant’s distinctive smell and in the unique effects of strains.

Learn more about cannabis terpenes.


Selective focus on colorful yellow and green lemons and limes.
As its name might suggest, limonene is found in citrus fruits like lemons and limes.

What is Limonene

Limonene is a monoterpene and one of the most common terpenes in the cannabis world. It’s an easily identified compound with powerful citrusy notes that are as familiar as they are beloved. Strains high in limonene are specifically cultivated to elevate the sensory experience, weaving together the terpene’s effects and aroma with the plant’s own complex profile.

When you encounter a cannabis strain that smells like freshly peeled oranges or a lemon grove, you’re likely experiencing limonene’s aromatic signature scent. This terpene is not only prevalent in cannabis but also a staple in our sensory environment.

This vibrant terpene is not exclusive to cannabis; it permeates the natural world, lending its fragrance to an array of botanicals. You’ll detect limonene in fruits and plants like lemon, lime juniper, and peppermint.


Florida Orange flower in the grow room.
Florida Orange, one of Revolution’s most beloved strains, is high in limonene.

Limonene Terpene Effects

Beyond its refreshing scent, it is touted for its array of uplifting effects. It’s often associated with enhancing mood and providing stress relief, making it a favorite for those seeking a joyful lift from their cannabis experience.

Preliminary research and user reports suggest that limonene may also support immune function. However, these effects are yet to be fully explored by scientific research.

Limonene may have therapeutic benefits like:

  • Anti-inflammation
  • Antioxidant
  • Anticancer
  • Antinociceptive (pain-blocking)
  • Gastroprotective characteristics
  • Neuroprotective characteristics 

Other Potential Benefits of Limonene

Limonene’s medical promise extends to potential antibacterial and antifungal properties. Like other terpenes, it is also being examined for its role in the entourage effect, where it may amplify the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids.

Limonene Strains

For those eager to discover limonene firsthand, a huge selection of strains rich in this terpene awaits. These strains are prized for their zesty flavor and the potential limonene terpene effects that might be harnessed for well-being.

The following list of strains from Revolution Cannabis and Tales and Travels showcases the best of what limonene has to offer:

TT Flower 3.5G Indica Camping packaging
Bubble Bath is a high limonene strain that delivers what it promises.

Bubble Bath

Get Down with Bubble Bath, a tranquil soak in serenity bred by the attentive hands at Lit Farms. This indica will float you to a focus so clean, a lift so gentle, and a happiness so pure, you’ll bubble over with joy. Ideal for campfire stories, a night of stargazing, or a restful soak in the tub.


Laid-back, Satisfied, Blissful

Pairs Well With

Campfires, Bubble Baths, Stargazing


Lavender, Rose, Soap


The Soap x Project 4516

Top Terpenes

Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool, Alpha Terpineol, Alpha-Humulene

Shop Bubble Bath

Revolution Cannabis Sativa Flower Opal Aura OG on a white background.
The unique flavors and effects are all thanks to a diverse terpene profile.

Opal Aura OG

Royal Wedding meets Cake Crasher in this mouthwatering Sativa-leaning hybrid bred and grown by Revolution Cannabis. You can expect flavors like cream, spice, pepper, and hints of gas, leading to boosted creativity, euphoria, and pain relief.

Reported Effects

Euphoria, creativity, mood elevation, pain relief


Creamy, spicy chai, pepper, hints of gas, fall froth


Royal Wedding x Cake Crasher

Top Terpenes

Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Beta-Myrcene, Linalool

Shop Opal Aura OG

Horchata Tales and Travels Flower 3.5G Hybrid Beach
This strain has a very creamy and spicy flavor combined with social effects.


Get Happy with Horchata, a smooth hybrid that blends the floral notes of Jet Fuel Gelato with the creamy sweetness of Mochi Gelato. Expect gentle waves of focused relaxation paired with a talkative energy that will fully charge your social battery. Reach for Horchata for trivia night at your local pub, deep discussions with friends, or an afternoon working in the garden.
Engaged, Chatty, Mellow
Pairs Well With
Trivia Night Team-Ups, Deep Conversation, Gardening


Jet Fuel Gelato x Mochi Gelato

Top Terpenes

Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool, Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Myrcene

Shop Horchata

Tales & Travels Luckleberries#59 nug on a white background.
This limonene strain brings pain and stress relief wrapped in fruity flavor.

Luckleberries #59

Luckleberries #59 is sedative and euphoric with a complex fruity flavor that finishes with gassy undertones.

Reported Effects

Pain Relief, Relaxation, Stress Relief


Earthy, Berry, Gassy


Louis XIII x Huckleberry Kush

Top Terpenes

Limonene, Beta-Myrcene, Elemene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool

Shop Luckleberries #59 

Quantum Runtz, a high limonene strain from Tales and Travels nug on a white background.
A cosmic mix of creamy and spicy flavors with relaxing effects makes this strain a winner.

Quantum Runtz

Quantum Runtz is an Indica-leaning strain that’ll help you unwind and float away into the abyss. Kick back and enjoy a quiet night with your favorite relaxing activities – we suggest any combination of stargazing, hot tubbing, and podcasts.

Reported Effects

Stress relief, euphoria, contemplation, body buzz, anti-inflammation


Creamy, Candy, Diesel, Pepper


Atomic Collider x White Runtz

Top Terpenes

Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Alpha Terpineol, Linalool, Beta-Pinene

Shop Quantum Runtz

Enhancing Your Cannabis Experience with Limonene

Whether you’re vaping, smoking, or infusing your cuisine, adding a limonene-rich strain can transform an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one. When inhaled, it has been shown to increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain.

Furthermore, this fruity, tropical terpene enhances cannabis’s sensory and effectual profile by working alongside other terpenes and cannabinoids. We encourage you to experiment and find your perfect limonene-infused experience – whether that’s baking a limonene-infused lemon meringue pie or mixing up a fruity drink with our strain-specific high-limonene Florida Orange Surp.

The Consumer Landscape of Limonene

The use of limonene in cannabis products is generally considered legal anywhere that cannabis is legal to purchase and consume. Cannabis users can find lots of high limonene strains and products boasting high content, from concentrates to flower to edibles. However, it’s important that you make sure you’re getting genuine, lab-tested products for the best quality and experience.

Final Thoughts

Limonene truly enhances the cannabis experience, leaving a trail of citrus notes and potential benefits in its wake. This major terpene continues to inspire both the scientific community and cannabis enthusiasts.

With ongoing studies poised to unlock its full spectrum of benefits, the full vibrancy can eventually be harnessed. Ultimately, research and a deeper understanding will enrich our cannabis journey even more – one lemon-scented note at a time.


Neuroprotective Potential of Limonene and Limonene Containing Natural Products

Limonene – Uses, Side Effects, and More

Are There Health Benefits to Taking Limonene?

General Cannabis FAQ

Cannabis, often referred to as marijuana, is a plant that has been used for thousands of years for various purposes, including medicine, textiles, and recreation. The plant contains compounds known as cannabinoids, with delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) being the most well-known. THC is primarily responsible for the plant’s psychoactive effects, while CBD is recognized for its potential therapeutic benefits without causing a “high.”

Many countries and U.S. states have decriminalized or legalized the use of marijuana for medical use, recreational, or both. The legal status changes frequently as legislation evolves.

In the U.S., states vote to regulate marijuana use on an individual basis. While it remains illegal at the federal level, numerous states have legalized it for medicinal and/or recreational use.

The following states have legalized medical, recreational, or both:

  • Alaska – Medical
  • Arizona – Legal
  • Arkansas – Medical
  • California – Legal
  • Colorado – Legal
  • Connecticut – Legal
  • Delaware – Legal
  • District of Columbia – Legal
  • Florida – Medical
  • Hawaii – Medical (Possession decriminalized for small amounts)
  • Illinois – Legal
  • Louisiana – Medical (Possession decriminalized for small amounts)
  • Maine – Legal
  • Maryland – Legal
  • Massachusetts – Legal
  • Michigan – Legal
  • Minnesota – Legal
  • Mississippi – Medical (Possession decriminalized for small amounts)
  • Missouri – Legal
  • Montana – Legal
  • Nevada – Legal
  • New Hampshire – Medical (Possession decriminalized for small amounts)
  • New Jersey – Legal
  • New Mexico – Legal
  • New York – Legal
  • North Dakota – Medical (Possession decriminalized for small amounts)
  • Ohio – Medical (Possession decriminalized)
  • Oklahoma – Medical
  • Oregon – Legal
  • Pennsylvania – Medical
  • Rhode Island – Legal
  • South Dakota – Medical
  • Utah – Medical
  • Vermont – Legal
  • Virginia – Legal
  • Washington – Legal
  • West Virginia – Medical


Outside of the U.S., countries like The Netherlands, Canada, and, more recently, Thailand have legalized cannabis on a national level.

Always check local laws and regulations in your specific location.

In states where marijuana has been legalized, you can purchase products at licensed dispensaries. Revolution products are available at Enlightened, Revolution, and partner dispensaries in Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, and Maryland. Find a dispensary near you.

Keep in mind that dispensaries may cater to medical patients, recreational consumers, or both, depending on local laws.

Always ensure that you are buying from a reputable and licensed establishment to guarantee product quality and safety.

The effects of cannabis vary widely depending on the strain, dosage, method of consumption, an individual’s endocannabinoid system, and more.

Some commonly reported effects include:

Psychoactive Effects: Euphoria, mood elevation, cerebral stimulation, stress relief, calming effects, and relaxation.

Physical Effects: Pain relief, body buzz, anti-inflammation, anti-nausea, energy boost or sedation, and appetite stimulation

*Medical Benefits: Cannabis is believed to have a range of therapeutic effects and alleviation of symptoms related to conditions like epilepsy, PTSD, and more.

*Marijuana is not approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The primary difference lies in their intended use:

Medical Cannabis: Used as a treatment and alleviation of symptoms for specific health conditions. Medical strains might be cultivated and processed to have higher CBD content or other therapeutic compounds. Medical cannabis requires a physician who usually prescribes or recommends it as a treatment option.

Recreational Cannabis: Used without a medical justification but for personal enjoyment and fulfillment.

The process varies from state to state but typically involves the following steps:

Doctor’s Recommendation: Schedule an appointment with a physician who is authorized to recommend medical marijuana. Discuss your health conditions and reasons for seeking cannabis as a treatment.

Application: Once you have a doctor’s recommendation, you’ll usually need to apply for a medical marijuana card through a designated state or country agency.

Proof & Identification: Provide necessary identification and proof of residency as required by your jurisdiction.

Fee Payment: Most jurisdictions require a fee for the application and issuance of a medical marijuana card.

Card Issuance: Once approved, you will receive your medical marijuana card, allowing you to purchase cannabis at designated medical dispensaries.

If you’d like more detailed information, please read our state-specific medical card guide here.