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What is Pre-Ground Flower?

At Tales & Travels, we’re not just about the thrill of the journey but also about the depth and variety of life’s experiences. And every trailblazing adventurer knows the significance of making the right choices and when it comes to pre-ground flower, there are a few different options. But what is pre-ground flower? And what’s the difference between shake, trim, and premium flower? Let’s embark on a quick lesson, shall we? 

What is Pre-Ground Flower?

Pre-ground cannabis flower is exactly what it sounds like: weed that’s been ground up before packaging. No weed grinder necessary. This process saves time and simplifies the whole process, whether you’re rolling it into a joint, packing it into a vaporizer, or infusing your edibles.

Unlike whole buds, which need to be ground up, pre-ground flower is ready to use right out of the package. It’s super convenient for all you weed lovers on the go or anyone looking for an easier (and sometimes cheaper) option.

What Does Pre-Ground Flower Look Like?

len mora noaQRQC2rw4 unsplash
While it’s not the most potent, flavorful smoke you’ll ever have, Shake still has its moments.


Shake is made of the small bits and pieces that break off the buds. While shake can’t be compared to top-shelf flower, it can still pack a decent punch.


Closeup of a pile of dried cannabis flowers and leaves
Trim may not be pretty but it’s a good option for making edibles.


These are the leaves cut from the bud during the cultivation process, often less potent but still with a story to tell. Trim is good for making delicious edible infusions.

And then there’s…

Tales and Travels Easy Toke packaging and pre-ground flower
Easy Toke is premium pre ground flower, ready to roll.

Premium Flower

The heart of it all. The crem-de-la-crème shall we say. It’s the prime part of the cannabis flower, rich in flavor, aroma, and potency. This is your peak, your summit, the pristine beaches, and the hidden gems. 

Enter: Easy Toke.

Crafted from premium pre-ground flower, it’s perfection in every way possible: cure, grind, and tantalizing flavor. Whether you’re in the mood for rolling, packing, vaping, or baking, it’s ready and down for anything.

Macro shot of green cannabis plant
Those tiny crystals? That’s where the fun stuff is made!

Tichomes and Terpenes

Trichomes and cannabis terpenes are the shining stars in the cannabis cosmos, playing a big-time role in the potency and sensory experience of pre-ground flower. Trichomes, the tiny, crystal-like glands that dust the surface of your buds, are the powerhouse of cannabinoid and terpene production. These compounds are responsible for the plant’s fun effects, taste and smell.

Premium pre ground flower, sourced from the highest quality buds, keeps its high concentration of trichomes and terpenes, making your experience more potent and flavorful. On the other hand, shake and trim, which are made from the smaller bits and pieces left over from the bud and leaves trimmed away during processing, tend to have less of these precious compounds.

While still valuable for some uses, they don’t quite capture the essence and strength found in premium pre ground flower. For weed lovers looking for the full potency and flavor, the choice is clear.

Who Says Rollin’ Ain’t Easy?

Picture this: You’re on the move, balancing a grinder in one hand while trying to roll a joint with the other. The wind is teasing you, threatening to scatter your precious herb everywhere.

The messy grind and the constant worry of not getting it just right. It’s enough to put a real damper on your day. Those “grind & groan” moments are a thing of the past.

Designed for convenience, it’s your on-the-go solution with the perfect cure, and consistency, always ready to roll into a smooth smoking joint or packed into your favorite bowl. Experience the freedom of a quick and simple toke wherever your journey takes you.

No hassle, less mess, just the simplicity of the open road: roll, light, and let the adventure begin!

Premium Flower, Zero Shake

When it comes to Tales & Travels, only quality weed makes the cut. We’re talking about the finest ground flower grown by your friends at Revolution Cannabis. None of that harsh smoking shake or trim.

Every puff and every moment is a luxurious treat – versatile, terp-rich, and precisely what a wanderer’s heart desires. With Easy Toke, quality and convenience go hand in hand, no compromises.

Let’s Roll, Together

For those who’ve trekked with us before, Easy Toke is yet another path to pleasure. And if you’re just joining, here’s your passport to a world of experience, flavor, and tales untold.

As with every journey, the destination might be uncertain, but the right travel companion makes all the difference. Whether you’re chasing the sunrise, basking under the midday sun, or stargazing, every moment is a tale waiting to be told.

So, will you ride into the sunset with Easy Toke?

Embark on your next adventure with Easy Toke – now available!

General Cannabis FAQ

Cannabis, often referred to as marijuana, is a plant that has been used for thousands of years for various purposes, including medicine, textiles, and recreation. The plant contains compounds known as cannabinoids, with delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) being the most well-known. THC is primarily responsible for the plant’s psychoactive effects, while CBD is recognized for its potential therapeutic benefits without causing a “high.”

Many countries and U.S. states have decriminalized or legalized the use of marijuana for medical use, recreational, or both. The legal status changes frequently as legislation evolves.

In the U.S., states vote to regulate marijuana use on an individual basis. While it remains illegal at the federal level, numerous states have legalized it for medicinal and/or recreational use.

The following states have legalized medical, recreational, or both:

  • Alaska – Medical
  • Arizona – Legal
  • Arkansas – Medical
  • California – Legal
  • Colorado – Legal
  • Connecticut – Legal
  • Delaware – Legal
  • District of Columbia – Legal
  • Florida – Medical
  • Hawaii – Medical (Possession decriminalized for small amounts)
  • Illinois – Legal
  • Louisiana – Medical (Possession decriminalized for small amounts)
  • Maine – Legal
  • Maryland – Legal
  • Massachusetts – Legal
  • Michigan – Legal
  • Minnesota – Legal
  • Mississippi – Medical (Possession decriminalized for small amounts)
  • Missouri – Legal
  • Montana – Legal
  • Nevada – Legal
  • New Hampshire – Medical (Possession decriminalized for small amounts)
  • New Jersey – Legal
  • New Mexico – Legal
  • New York – Legal
  • North Dakota – Medical (Possession decriminalized for small amounts)
  • Ohio – Medical (Possession decriminalized)
  • Oklahoma – Medical
  • Oregon – Legal
  • Pennsylvania – Medical
  • Rhode Island – Legal
  • South Dakota – Medical
  • Utah – Medical
  • Vermont – Legal
  • Virginia – Legal
  • Washington – Legal
  • West Virginia – Medical


Outside of the U.S., countries like The Netherlands, Canada, and, more recently, Thailand have legalized cannabis on a national level.

Always check local laws and regulations in your specific location.

In states where marijuana has been legalized, you can purchase products at licensed dispensaries. Revolution products are available at Enlightened, Revolution, and partner dispensaries in Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, and Maryland. Find a dispensary near you.

Keep in mind that dispensaries may cater to medical patients, recreational consumers, or both, depending on local laws.

Always ensure that you are buying from a reputable and licensed establishment to guarantee product quality and safety.

The effects of cannabis vary widely depending on the strain, dosage, method of consumption, an individual’s endocannabinoid system, and more.

Some commonly reported effects include:

Psychoactive Effects: Euphoria, mood elevation, cerebral stimulation, stress relief, calming effects, and relaxation.

Physical Effects: Pain relief, body buzz, anti-inflammation, anti-nausea, energy boost or sedation, and appetite stimulation

*Medical Benefits: Cannabis is believed to have a range of therapeutic effects and alleviation of symptoms related to conditions like epilepsy, PTSD, and more.

*Marijuana is not approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The primary difference lies in their intended use:

Medical Cannabis: Used as a treatment and alleviation of symptoms for specific health conditions. Medical strains might be cultivated and processed to have higher CBD content or other therapeutic compounds. Medical cannabis requires a physician who usually prescribes or recommends it as a treatment option.

Recreational Cannabis: Used without a medical justification but for personal enjoyment and fulfillment.

The process varies from state to state but typically involves the following steps:

Doctor’s Recommendation: Schedule an appointment with a physician who is authorized to recommend medical marijuana. Discuss your health conditions and reasons for seeking cannabis as a treatment.

Application: Once you have a doctor’s recommendation, you’ll usually need to apply for a medical marijuana card through a designated state or country agency.

Proof & Identification: Provide necessary identification and proof of residency as required by your jurisdiction.

Fee Payment: Most jurisdictions require a fee for the application and issuance of a medical marijuana card.

Card Issuance: Once approved, you will receive your medical marijuana card, allowing you to purchase cannabis at designated medical dispensaries.

If you’d like more detailed information, please read our state-specific medical card guide here.