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High Times – Top Brands 2021

It’s time to start a national revolution! And we’re not being political. Instead, we just want to encourage others to check out this epic brand. Chances are that if you live in or have visited Arkansas, Illinois, Florida or Maryland, this next brand needs no introduction. Revolution has been making its mark across the US, and it has no plans of slowing down. With record-breaking first place wins in High Times Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice in the past, it’s no surprise that this brand has continued its trajectory of greatness.

Each and every individual who works for this company oozes love and passion for  the  plant.  The  brand’s  foundation depends on it. The team believes in cannabis’ ability to make day-to-day living better, and its philosophy is that cannabis can overall improve an individual’s quality of life, from aiding with healing, sleeping, stress relief and so much more.

Revolution’s team doesn’t just stop at growing the best plants possible. The team “geeks out” on it, according to COO Dusty Shroyer. “We study, breed, grow, and then cure to perfection. At Revolution, we are never satisfied with the status quo, so we work to foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement every day,” Shroyer told High Times.

The plants at Revolution, which provide their stellar flower and concentrates, are each treated with the utmost care and attention. By listening to and meeting the needs of each individual plant, the team at Revolution ensures their products are consistent and of top quality, time after time. Consistency can be seen through their award-winning strains like Turbo Lemon Cake Flower and Gorilla’d Cheese (one of our chosen strains for the High Times “Best of 2020” issue). But it doesn’t stop there. Supreme in-house technology ensures the same quality is carried through to their hashes and concentrates, while still staying true to the qualities and expressions of the plant’s genetics.