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New Virgin Resin from Revolution Cannabis

A new concentrate to Illinois, please welcome Virgin Resin.  

We’ll break down how we make it why we’re eager for our community to try it.  

Our first Virgin Resin drop features one of our favorite genetics, Blueberry Clementine in Virgin Resin Badder.  

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About Virgin Resin

Flower is slowly dried on the vine at cold temperatures, then frozen to preserve the essential elements of the plant, including terpenes, flavonoids, phenols, and esters – no curing. This process allows for the freshest smokeable flower expression of terpenes.  

We then extract with a hydrocarbon methodology and carefully process into the best textures for each unique chemovar: the chemical profile of each varietal. We allow the flower, and all its uniqueness, to determine the final consistency (budder, badder, jelly, sauce) for the best smokeable flower expression and dabbing experience.


  • Freshest smokeable flower expression of terpenes in a concentrate
  • The flower profile, and all its uniqueness, determines the consistency for the best possible end product
  • Phenomenal flavor and textures  
  • A new dabbing experience to add to your repertoire

Virgin Resin Consistencies


A smooth whipped concentrate featuring extra terpenes that settle at the top due to its high terpene content.


A very smooth whipped concentrate with high terpene content and a cake batter consistency making it easy to work with and handle for dabbing.


Expansive terpene profiles in a jelly-like texture featuring smaller THC crystals in high terpene extract.


Sauce is the pinnacle of the dabbing experience, and requires the most time and attention to detail to achieve. We carefully craft these sauces in small batches to produce a quality yield of THCa crystals that are drenched in terpene-rich extract.  


What’s the difference between Live Resin and Virgin Resin?

Both use the same extraction method, but Virgin Resin is produced from dried  frozen flower, and Live Resin is produced from fresh frozen flower.  Because of this, the terpene profiles between the two are slightly different. Live resin has the same terpene profile as the plant at harvest, while Virgin Resin has the terpene profile of the plant after drying on the vine.

What makes Virgin Resin special?

We are replicating a unique experience of the plant that would otherwise be impossible to share with our consumers. Other than Virgin Resin, the experience of this distinctive terpene profile could only be produced by smoking fresh, dried, uncured flower. And unless you grow it yourself, it’s impossible to experience the flower at this stage.

Why is Virgin Resin less expensive than Live Resin?

Producing Virgin Resin, compared to Live Resin, uses slightly less solvents and less time and effort – making it more efficient to process than a product that retains water/moisture.  

Is there a potency difference between Virgin and Live Resin?

The simple answer; no. Virgin Resin is merely a different expression of the flower and its terpene profile, in a quality concentrate.