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T&T Blended vapes combine two amazing strains in one cartridge.

NEW T&T Blended Vapes: Two Strains, Twice the Fun!

At Tales & Travels, we’re all about travel-friendly weed. That’s why we’re especially excited to announce the release of our first (super portable) vape cartridges this week!

Each vape cart features a blend of two premium T&T strains in a half-gram cart for a quirky combo of flavors and effects. It’s like one of those choose-your-own-adventure novels – but for weed!

Like T&T flower, our vape cartridge strain blends are selected to match any experience or mood:

T&T Blended Vapes Get Up Sativa Blend Packaging
Get Up with our Sativa Blend

Get Up – Sativa-dominant Blend

Leap into your day with T&T Sativa blended vapes. It’s a one-two punch of motivation and creativity. Awaken your senses and make each day an unforgettable journey.

Bring the Sativa blend along for a morning hike, a spontaneous road trip, or a day spent painting in the park. It’s your day, and the possibilities are endless. Here’s to the sun, the sky, and the joy of a life well lived.

Get Up, get moving, and greet the day with a smile.

T&T Blended Vapes Get Down Indica Blend packaging
Get Down with our Indica Blend.

Get Down – Indica-dominant Blend

Fall in love with the night again with Indica blended vapes, the perfect nightcap after your daily adventures. Why not drift off to dreamland with a smile?

The Indica blend is your ticket to moonlit stargazing, late-night philosophical discussions, or a serene evening meditation sesh. Here’s to the moon, the stars, and the calm within.

Get Down, unwind, and let the night sing you to sleep.

T&T Blended Vapes Get Happy Hybrid retail packaging.
Get Happy with our Hybrid Blend.

Get Happy – Hybrid-dominant Blend

Walk the line between two worlds with Hybrid blended vapes, your passport to exploring the mental and physical planes. Stay centered and ready for anything the world throws at you.

Choose the Hybrid blend for a day of thrifting, cozying up with a novel, or enjoying a relaxing soak in the tub. Here’s to balance, self-love, and inner peace.

Get Happy, stay grounded, and live every moment to its fullest.

The choices are simple, but the possibilities are endless. Will you Get Up, Get Down, or Get Happy? Whichever you choose, let’s venture together!

Tales & Travels Blended Vapes are now available in Illinois and Arkansas.

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