Strain Drop: Manzano

Strain Drop: Manzano


This week we’re excited to release Manzano, bred by Compound Genetics in collaboration with Cookies.

A Manzano is a small golden-yellow banana found in Latin America with a sweet and refreshing apple-like taste. And our Manzano embodies the fruit in looks, flavor, and aroma.

The result of crossing (aka “Selfing”) Apples & Bananas x Apples & Bananas, Manzano enhances all the best aspects of the popular strain collab from Cookies and Compound Genetics. Like the parent, it’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid (30 Indica/ 70 Sativa) with the aroma of fresh fruit and a flavor to match.

Attention terpene enthusiasts - this varietal has a complexity that cuts through thanks to the new and exotic terpene profile. You'll detect hints of crisp candy apple, citrus, and subtle banana undertones with a gassy finish.

You’ll want to experience Manzano in the purest way possible. Grab some gum-free paper or your favorite clean bowl and take it for a spin. It's perfect for all the discerning cannasseurs out there looking for a unique smoking experience.

You can expect uplifting and energetic effects accompanied by a nice body buzz and pain relief.

Strain Details:

Strain Name: Manzano 

Lineage: Apples & Bananas x Apples &Bananas

Breeder: Compound Genetics

Top Terpenes: Beta-Myrcene, Ocimene, Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool

Avg. Cannabinoid Content: 26.24%

Avg. Terps: 4.03%

Strain Tendency: Sativa Leaning Hybrid

Sliding Scale: 30 I / 70 S

Aroma: Fruity, citrus (lemon), floral, gas, candy, crisp apple, sweet

Flavor: Fruity, citrus (lemon)

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