Solventless Line

Solventless Line


Revolution Cannabis is excited to announce our line of solventless concentrates. Our first product to hit the market is a Cold Cured Badder in Sun Queen OG, the first of many exciting products coming from our lab.

Like all of our products, we use exacting standards and the utmost care when creating these concentrates. These strain-specific products are created with a craft process from the very beginning, resulting in a premium product that we couldn’t be more excited to share  with you.

For our solventless line, we carefully select the flower and the harvest for the quality - only premium-grade flower from the freshest plants is used. We then use physical methods of extraction for a completely pure result, containing zero trace of added chemical substances.  

When compared with solvent products made with the same strain, our solventless product will have slightly different aroma, taste, and experience. And though all of our products contain notes from the plants, our solventless products uniquely capture the true essence of the live plant itself.

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