Revolution Enters Illinois Cannabis Cup 2022

Revolution Enters Illinois Cannabis Cup 2022


Following a record breaking 14 wins in the past two years, we’re once again entering all categories for the People’s Choice Illinois Cannabis Cup 2022 led by High Times Magazine. Not only are we competing in every category, we’re excited to have three of our brands, Tales & Travels, Spectra and Revolution Cannabis up for consideration.  

Revolution Cannabis has entered 20 total products this year with at least one entry in every category, including a handful of brand new flower genetics.  

Continuing its innovation, Spectra, the CBD:THC ratio brand, a favorite of medical patients for its unique formulations and controlled dosing, is entering the Illinois Cannabis Cup 2022 for the first time. Newly re-branded Spectra is entered in all three medical categories with new formulations and a highly educational and minimal feel.  

Entering in the Non-Gummy Edible category, Tales & Travels has submitted a lollipop that’s out of this world. Planet Pops have a green candy apple shell, and Revolution Cannabis’s Super Goobie center – sure to take you for a ride!

High Times People Choice Illinois Cannabis Cup winners are expected to be announced in early October. Judge kits can be purchased at local dispensaries and you can register to be a judge here.

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People’s Choice Illinois Cannabis Cup 2022 Submissions


Indica Flower: Rev

Sativa Flower: Rev

Hybrid Flower: Rev

Pre-Rolls: Rev

  • Frost Donkey BX1 x Blueberry Clementine x King Crasher THCa powder Infused Pre-roll
  • Fruit Stand x Cookies and Cream THCa powder x Yeti Breath THCa powder Infused Pre-roll

Concentrates: Rev

Vape Pens & Cartridges: Rev

Edibles: Gummies: Rev

  • Lychee Grapefruit Gummies  

Edibles: Non-Gummies: Tales & Travels

  • T&T Caramel Apple Planet Pops


Flower: Rev and Spectra  

Vape Pens: Spectra

  • VRSO 1:5 CBD:THC Vapeable RSO (Medical Vape Pen)  

Edibles: Spectra

  • Blueberry Sleep Gummies with CBN (Medical Edible)
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