Spectra — Introducing V-RSO

Spectra — Introducing V-RSO


Introducing V-RSO (Vapable-Rick Simpson Oil) — an innovation by Spectra that combines the robust effects of full spectrum RSO, in a convenient disposable vaporizer. This is the first disposable vaporizer Revolution has released.

V-RSO Features

7-Strain Blend Extract

Because individual strains contain inconsistent amounts of cannabinoids, terpenes and other naturally occurring compounds that impact effects, we formulate each Spectra product with our proprietary 7-Strain Blend Extract - oil derived from seven different strains of premium Revolution cannabis.

The blend ensures that every product offers a more complete suite of compounds, and optimal healing potential.

Minor Cannabinoids

The V-RSO also contains 15% added minor cannabinoids including CBDa, CBC, CBG, CBN and THCa for restorative, full spectrum benefits.  

Mulitple, Balanced Ratios

The combination of primary cannabinoids in Spectra product - CBD and THC - largely determines how we interact with cannabis, along with our unique body chemistry.

The V-RSO features a carefully formulated array of CBD : THC ratios which give every individual a space to discover their perfect balance of body and mind effects.

Our simple framework posits CBD as primarily affecting the body, and THC the mind.

V-RSO Available Ratios

A Special Sleep Ratio

In addition to the three different ratios 1:1, 2:1, and 4:1, V-RSO also comes in a special sleep variation that contains a higher percentage of CBN — a cannabinoid shown to have sleep inducing properties.


Traditional RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is known for its strong therapeutic properties and is meant to be ingested orally or applied topically.  The V-RSO is RSO in a vapable format, allowing for a shorter onset time of effects and convenient portability while preserving the same potency and benefits of traditional RSO.

Shop V-RSO is now available at: Enlightened Dispensaries (IL)  

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