Nanoemulsion Technology: The Evolution of Edibles

Nanoemulsion Technology: The Evolution of Edibles


Cannabis edibles have come a long way since the early days of homemade baked goods with mystery doses of THC. Thankfully the legalization movement has led to some exciting innovations in consumable cannabis products.

Nowadays you can find a wide variety of high-quality and precision-dosed consumable cannabis products on the shelf at your local dispensary - from cannabis syrup drink mixers, like Surp, to baked goods, chocolatesgummies, tinctures, and hard candies.

Nanoemulsion technology is one of the most recent innovations taking the edible market by storm. And it may be the biggest game-changer yet. But how exactly is nanoemulsion changing the cannabis industry?

The Problem with Edibles

While traditional edibles are great for patients who can’t inhale cannabis (or choose not to), they do have some drawbacks. One of the biggest issues is that they have a much longer onset time than inhalation. This is because the process your body goes through to first digest and convert the THC into a usable form is more complicated when it’s consumed.

When you eat an edible, your body has to break down the cannabinoids and terpenes before they can enter your bloodstream, resulting in poorer absorption than inhalation. In other words, you wait longer for the effects to kick in. And when they do, they may not be as strong as you were hoping. To make matters more complicated, the onset time and intensity can vary significantly depending on your metabolism, weight, diet, and tolerance to cannabis.

What Happens When You Eat an Edible?

Traditional edibles are made using what’s called an emulsion. This is a technique used to mix two liquids that don’t mix easily without separating- think oil and water. Small droplets of cannabis oil are able to mix with water by using compounds called emulsifiers. This process creates a stable mixture that is able to be processed into an edible form.

When you consume an edible containing a traditional emulsion, the cannabis oil droplets are sent to the liver to be digested. The THC is then converted into a potent psychoactive metabolite called 11-hydroxy-THC which then binds to cannabinoid receptors. This process takes somewhere between 45 and 90 minutes depending on the contents of your stomach.

Because it must first be processed by the liver, the amount of the psychoactive compound released into the bloodstream is dramatically reduced. After entering your bloodstream, the psychoactive effects of 11-Hydroxy-THC can last between 4 and 8 hours.

What Happens When You Eat Nanoemulsion Edibles?

Nanoemulsion takes the traditional emulsion process a step further. In a nanoemulsion, the oil droplets are broken down to less than 300 nanometers in size – much smaller than in a traditional emulsion. The nano-sized droplets are then emulsified to create a stable mixture.

When you consume an edible containing a nanoemulsion, the cannabis oil droplets are so small they can bypass the liver. And because these nanodroplets avoid being metabolized in the liver, the Delta-9 THC remains intact as it enters your bloodstream.

This means your body absorbs the more bioavailable Delta-9 THC quicker and easier than a traditional edible. Absorption can take as little as 10 minutes. However, because the nanoemulsified Delta-9 THC can enter the bloodstream quickly, it is eliminated quickly. The process takes anywhere from 1 to 3 hours.

The Best of Both Worlds: Combining Nanoemulsion with Standard Emulsion

When it comes to cannabis edibles, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. A combination of the two emulsification techniques brings some serious perks to edible consumers.

Nanoemulsion offers better absorption and a quicker onset than traditional emulsion. You’ll feel the buzz without waiting around wondering when it will kick in. However, the drawback with nanoemulsion is the shorter duration and reduced potency of the Delta-9 THC’s effects.

Meanwhile, a traditional emulsion has poor bioavailability, causing slow absorption and a gradual onset of effects. But you’ll feel the effects of the 11-Hydroxy-THC for much longer.

By combining the two techniques, you get the best of both worlds. Revolution Nano-Live Gummies & Fruit Chews blend nanoemulsion and traditional emulsion in one full spectrum product, delivering both quick onset and a longer duration of effects. It’s a win-win for edible lovers who need rapid and long-lasting relief.

Balancing Efficiency with Potency

The benefits nanoemulsion brings to the table are undeniable. Incorporating nanoemulsion with traditional emulsion cannabis oils may be the future of edibles.

Combining the techniques eliminates many of the most common problems facing edible enthusiasts. Accidental overconsumption, slow onset times, and the unpredictable duration of effects may be a thing of the past. With the perfect balance of nanoemulsion and traditional emulsion cannabis oils, enthusiasts can enjoy all the benefits of both to get the best edible experience.

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