Meet Revolution’s Newest Brand: Tales & Travels

Meet Revolution’s Newest Brand: Tales & Travels


We launched Tales & Travels in Illinois earlier this year. It's been quite a whirlwind few months, so we wanted to stop and take a minute to properly introduce you to our newest brand, Tales & Travels.

Why did we create Tales & Travels?

As Revolution expands our production space, we are afforded the opportunity to broaden our offerings and reach new people, which is why we're thrilled to bring Tales & Travels to the Illinois market, the perfect brand for our everyday adventurers.

No matter someone’s experience with cannabis, T&T is always inviting and up for a good time. As part of Revolution's family, the team behind T&T shares more than a decade of experience in cannabis, giving us the confidence to be a trusted guide in anyone's journey.

About T&T's products:

You can expect the quality and effects that you know and love, grown by the same Revolution cultivation and genetics team. While the two brands serve folks looking for different journeys, they also work together symbiotically as a family, meaning you can move seamlessly between Revolution and T&T depending on your desired adventure.

Tales & Travels offers some of Revolution’s most beloved strains at a more accessible price point, as well as new strains grown just for us. We currently offer flower in 3.5g and 7g bags, with 14g pouches, effects-based vape carts, and strain-specific prerolls on the way.

Wanna be friends? T&T is right for you if you:

- Are looking for high-quality products that you can trust without a top-shelf price tag

- Want to pair your cannabis consumption with specific activities

- Are interested in discovering new music, art, and inspiration

- Prioritize your experience over everything else

Do you like to... boogie?

And that's not all! Alongside T&T, we also launched Trax, our music program featuring strain-exclusive playlists from DJs in Chicago and beyond.

Off The Grid Playlist

Bear Dance Playlist

Luckleberries #59 Playlist

Stay tuned to see what T&T does next - and stay in touch, friend!

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