Future Flora - Join the Hunt for our Next Strain

Future Flora - Join the Hunt for our Next Strain


What is Future Flora?

Sometimes as we work to develop unique new strains, multiple strong phenotypes emerge. In order to make the final selection for cultivars that become Revolution strains, diverse perspectives are essential.

Future Flora is our new community pheno hunting program where we invite you to smell, smoke, taste, and share your perspective with us. By involving you in the decision-making process, we can provide a better experience to cannabis enthusiasts and patients.

Future Flora is your opportunity to put your expertise to work and help us hunt for the superior phenotype. Join us as we look to push the envelope of cannabis cultivation, innovation, and genetics.

How Does it Work?

When a situation arises where we have closely matched cultivars, we’ll release them to the public. You can try one or all phenotypes and share your thoughts with us on details like aroma, taste, effects, and experience in a brief questionnaire.

As we gather feedback from the community, the top performer will emerge as the exceptional pheno for a spot in our lineup of premium genetics.

Join the Hunt

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