Bear Dance Joins Revolution's Latest Brand: Tales & Travels  

Bear Dance Joins Revolution's Latest Brand: Tales & Travels  


Revolution’s genetics team hunts over 1500 new phenotypes each year — and we’re always looking for the best new strains to bring to you.  We need to make room in Revolution for the latest and greatest, but we don’t want to say goodbye to the strains that we’ve grown and loved for years.

Starting this month, a handful of Revolution strains will move into Tales & Travels, our new brand with a focus on everyday adventure and built around classic and new strains that enhance our experiences. Our newly expanded production space allows us to grow more so you can share the experiences.  

Selected for their consistent flavor and effects, these strains will be offered in T&T's 3.5g and 7g bags – perfect for sharing. You can expect the same quality and effects that you know and love, grown by the same Revolution cultivation and genetics team.

We’re thrilled to announce that Bear Dance, a fan favorite for moving and grooving, is now available in T&T at Illinois dispensaries. Bear Dance has long been one of our most beloved strains and we’re excited to share it with you at a new price and in our new packaging, designed by artist Aaron Lowell Denton.  

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