Banana Pudding is now available in T&T! 

Banana Pudding is now available in T&T! 


Last week we launched our very first Get Happy hybrid. Banana Pudding will leave you feeling sunny, calm, and carefree and we love it for leisurely activities.  

To give you a little inspiration, we asked for some help from our friend and DJ Tomasso Conforti. As a longtime fan of Banana Pudding and an absolute legend on the decks, Tomasso was a natural fit to make our playlist for this strain. And as a longtime resident of Chicago (originally from Italy), he’s a natural fit to recommend the best way to spend your day with Banana Pudding.  

Read on for Tomasso’s take on all things BP. 

Tell us about the experience of making this playlist.  

As music curator and DJ this is kinda my job so it felt fun and easy to associate moods with different music.

What parts of the strain influenced your song choices? Are there any songs in here that came to mind immediately?

Banana Pudding is a hybrid so I went for a mix of energetic and relaxing music. Like Kai Alcé’s “Hit Different” I also had fun associating song titles with the mood. I wanted the listener to feel like the effect of the strain is on a rollercoaster as the playlist plays.

Tell us what you love about this strain?

I love its terpene profile!

What activities do you most look forward to doing with Banana Pudding

1. Digging for music

2. Eating a Joe & the Juice Sandwich

3. Gaming with my friends

Listen to Tomasso's playlist here!

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